About: Summer Pool Party

Each year MSDA hosts a summer party, usually during late July. Although it’s always hot this time of year, recently the event has been held at a private property with a pool and, yes, dogs are allowed in the pool! Although there are some open fields available for informal training, this is first and foremost a just-for-fun social event.

This event is for MSDA club members, their families, and their guests. Dogs included, of course! Prospective club members also are invited.

MSDA provides the protein/entrée and cold non-alcoholic drinks. Attendees bring side dishes or desserts to share for lunch. Other than bringing food to share, there has been no fee for attending.

In addition to the pool, there are open fields and plenty of shaded areas. For field-trained dogs, or those who might be interested, there are opportunities for informal field training on the property. For all dogs, it’s just a great opportunity to run around, sniff, play and swim.

For more information about MSDA’s summer pool party, contact Steve Roth via President@mdsportingdog.org.