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We are incredibly happy that our Training Days for Flushing dogs, which began in 2022, have become very popular. However, the sessions filled up so quickly, we are looking ways to accommodate more dogs. We are also looking at different approaches to address the wide range of upland skills needed against the experience of handlers and dogs. Newbies and Novices are looking for a place where they can get started. Junior and Intermediate handlers need more assistance on basic upland skills, and Advanced handler/dog teams need a place to practice and polish.

In 2024, we have expanded to offer different groups to accommodate these varying needs, including a spring four-session Field Obedience class for Newbies and Novices. We also have, throughout the season, a Skill Building group to assist handlers and their dogs to develop and refine the skills needed to run spaniel hunt tests at Junior and beginning Senior levels, and/or to develop a well-trained flushing/hunting dog and an Advanced Work group to provide efficient practice opportunities for master-level experienced handlers. Specific dates for all of these are determined as the season progresses, but we expect to be offering a mix of Friday and Saturday sessions and using multiple locations.

MSDA also continues to offer Bird Instinct Clinics, our annual Field Day, Spaniel Hunt Tests as well as specialized seminars. Learn more about all of our current offerings using the buttons and the Events menu at the top of this page.

Photographer Matt Toth has taken some photos at training days. All of his photos, just a few of which are shown below, are available at www.mtfieldsports.smugmug.com , or follow links for specific MSDA training dates below.

From March 24, 2023:

From July 8, 2023:

If you are interested in receiving specific information about training with MSDA’s Flushing Dog Program, including timely email notification when dates are selected and when registrations will open and close for each group, sign up for our mailing list, which is managed by MailChimp (or edit your preferences if you’re already on the list). On the form, be sure to click “Yes” for “Interested in Training for Flushing Dogs”.

Please direct questions to the Event Chair, Steve Surprenant, via Surprenant@mdsportingdog.org.