About Us

Board of Directors of the Maryland Sporting Dog Association (2017-2018): 

  • Officers:
    • William F.C. Marlow, President
    • Steve Roth, Secretary
    • Gary Seibel, Treasurer
  • Other board members: Pamela DeSmidt, Bart Hastings, Loreen Peterson, Marybeth Piedrafite

It is with tremendous sadness that we must announce the passing of Laurie Doumaux, MSDA’s Vice President and Show Chair. Laurie passed away on January 3rd. More information will be provided as it becomes available, but be assured that MSDA’s Spring Show will go on as planned. 

If you have questions about MSDA and would like to learn more about its activities, please contact our Secretary, Steve Roth, at Secretary@mdsportingdog.org . If you would like to become a member, please come to one of our events to get to know us and submit an application. If you have already attended an event but didn’t fill out the form there, please e-mail Steve Roth for an application.

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History & Philosophy of MSDA:

January of 1974 saw a group of energetic acquaintances and friends come together to form an organization that embraces the concept of sportmanship, companionship and love of bird dogs (sporting dogs). Some belonged to local breed clubs or kennel clubs. Some had breeds so rare that there was no organization. All wanted to learn more. Most faced dissatisfaction from their local clubs because the total dog was not addressed. The clubs either lacked direction or moved in only one direction (breed showing). They all wanted to do more with their dogs. Thus, Maryland Sporting Dog Association (MSDA) was born.

MSDA is a group of sporting dog owners and friends concerned with promoting the good of all bird dogs through educational, public service and social means. It has been our focus to put our best efforts toward promoting intelligent, rational, sportsmanlike attempts at the betterment of purebred sporting dogs without resorting to petty jealousies and backbiting that strangles so many organizations. Naturally there have been some rough spots. However, we endeavor to rise above our human weaknesses for the sake of our canine companions. Any organization is what its working membership makes of it.

In short, the philosophy of Maryland Sporting Dog Association is to promote the sporting dog in the home, field, obedience, and breed. And the sport of dogs just that, SPORT. We respect each other’s particular field of interest and work together to help each other in all canine endeavors. MSDA also is deeply dedicated to the idea of sporting dogs for human companionship.

We are a family club with children and spouses helping out wherever and whenever they can. Many a close personal friendship has come about through MSDA. The foundation of any organization is its members and because of its hard working, loving, vivacious people, Maryland Sporting Dog Association has grown into an active and successful club that encompasses all activities associated with the Sport of Bird Dogs.

Over the years, we have achieved many milestones:

  • We were charter members of The States Kennel Club.
  • Since 2002, we have been conducting licensed conformation shows and obedience trials.

    First MSDA WD tests in 1982
    First MSDA WD tests in 1982
  • We have hosted competitions for pointing bird dogs under the license of the Field Dog Stud Book, Amateur Field Trial Association, and U.S. Complete Shooting Dog Association.
  • We host spaniel hunting tests licensed by the American Kennel Club, and helped to develop the AKC hunting test program.
  • We host breed club field testing (“Working Dog tests”) under the sanctioning of the respective parent breed clubs.
  • We also have held many field training sessions as well as obedience and breed handling classes with occasional seminars on varied subjects. We’ve hosted tattoo & chip clinics, eye clinics, and AKC judges’ seminars. We also participate in regional outreach activities to advance the sport of dogs.
  • We are continuing to develop innovative programs for sporting dogs and their families.