MSDA’s Field Day June 17th was a hit!
We got a lot done and had a great time.
Let’s do it again!

MSDA Summer Field Day
Saturday July 29th 8:00 am – 4:00 pm
Rebel Ridge Farms, Elkton MD

Introductory through advanced training opportunities for flushing, pointing, and retrieving breeds.

On-line registration will be available within the next few days. (We’re just confirming prices for training birds.) Meanwhile,  learn more about MSDA and sign up for our e-mail list.

Summer Field Day on July 29th will offer:

  • 250+ acres of specially managed dog training areas connected by a driveway that runs the length of the property
  • Six major field areas (up to 1,000 feet long) with low to medium cover
  • Four large ponds
  • Air-conditioned clubhouse
  • Property edged by dense shade
  • Parking at the fields, ponds, and clubhouse

Field and water training opportunities throughout the day. This spacious property will allow many simultaneous activities. MSDA will provide gunners.

Handlers working with introductory-level dogs will be able to train away from live fire, watch advanced dogs work in fields and water, and will benefit from the guidance of experienced handlers, trainers, and AKC hunting test judges. If you have questions about whether your dog is ready for this activity, what to bring, how many birds to order, or any other issue please contact:

Coffee, cold drinks, and snacks will be available all day. Bottled water and cold, wet towels will be available in coolers at the fields. Potluck lunch will be served in the clubhouse.

See a Google map of the site with MSDA’s planned training locations marked. Many photos and an aerial tour of the property are available on Rebel Ridge Farms’ website.

Volunteers are key to making this event a success! In addition to informal mentoring, there are opportunities for throwing bumpers, planting birds, maintaining running orders, gunning, hospitality, photography, and many other options.

Admission is FREE; birds are not. Prices for training birds will be available soon.

Participants also are asked to bring a potluck dish to share.

Although there are no activities specifically planned for guests, all are encouraged to come to observe and to help out.

Special note to kids, tweens, & teens: Of course, you can hang out in the air-conditioned clubhouse and play video games on your smartphone. (Fair warning: if you're in the clubhouse, we will put you to work setting out the lunch buffet.) OR, you can work with your dog in the field, throw bumpers and birds, put your photography skills to work, and even be asked to boss around the adults in a vain attempt to keep us organized. Sorry, you won't get to drive the ATV.

Important: this event will be held rain or shine!

For safety reasons, blaze orange clothing (not just a hat) is strongly recommended for all participants and guests. A limited number of orange t-shirts (adult XL) will be available at the site for $5 each.

It’s also important to bring shade for your dog to rest and plenty of cold water to drink in the field. Dogs are not permitted in the clubhouse. The perimeter of the property is forested and there is intermittent shade along the edges of fields and in the parking areas near the clubhouse. However, many cars (and people and dogs) will be spending time in unshaded areas.

On-line registration will be available soon!

Rebel Ridge is also the site for MSDA’s
Spaniel Hunting Tests September 16-17, 2017

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Rebel Ridge Farms 295 Woods Rd, Elkton, MD 21921