World of Pets Expo 2023

January 27-29, 2023
Maryland State Fairgrounds
Timonium, MD

Once again, MSDA hosted a booth at the World of Pets Expo, the “largest consumer pet show on the East Coast”. Each year, tens of thousands of people and, often, their own pets attend this event. There were aisles of vendors, a wide range of animals (dogs, cats, birds, farm animals, reptiles…), dock diving, training sessions, Corgi races (?!), grooming and costume competitions, and just lots of fun. 

MSDA’s booth location was convenient and very visible. People stopped by to meet a sporting dog and to learn about sporting dog activities in general and about MSDA events in particular. Here are some photos of MSDA’s volunteers and visitors. (Click on any image to enlarge it and move through the slide show.)

If you have questions about MSDA at the World of Pets Expo, please contact Sally Eck via