Upland Dog Fundamentals Workshop June 19-20, 2021

Spaniels were originally bred to hunt, find, and flush upland game out of their hiding places – pointers and setters did the pointing, and retrievers did the retrieving. Today’s upland dogs are expected to hunt, find, point or flush, be steady to wing and shot, and reliably retrieve or respectfully honor another dog’s retrieve.

MSDA was pleased to hold a late-June training workshop led by professional trainer/handler Jordan Horak. Jordan is an accomplished upland dog professional trainer and handler, winner of both the National Open and National Amateur Cocker Championships, and the inventor of the Cato Board placeboard (named after his English Cocker Spaniel).

The workshop was held on Saturday June 19 and Sunday June 20 at Thornhill Farm in Woodbine, MD. A limited number of private lessons were available on Monday, June 21. Eleven working teams (dog + handler), as well as auditors, participated.

Participants and their dogs were at all skill different levels. On Saturday and Sunday, working teams took turns training with Jordan both on the lawn and in the field, while everyone in the group was able to observe. After each exercise, there was a discussion of key points, what went well and how to achieve improvements. Emphasis was placed on developing the bond between dog and handler. Jordan’s deep knowledge of sporting dogs was evident throughout the weekend.

Photos of the weekend are below. Click on any image to enlarge. Thanks, Roseanna Bennett and Steve Roth, for taking pictures!

If you have questions regarding this training weekend, please contact the Event Chair, Steve Surprenant at Surprenant@mdsportingdog.org.