2022 Training Days for Flushing Dogs

Training Days for Flushing Dogs will return in 2023! Click here for more information.

MSDA has been holding Training Days for flushing dogs. The objective is to prepare dogs to enter and successfully pass an AKC Spaniel Hunt Test, or for you to just enjoy time in the field with your dog. The plan is to offer fun, constructive upland/flushing training with live birds without a lot of down time, along with an opportunity to continue old friendships, make new friends, and get more involved with MSDA’s activities.

In 2022, there were five sessions, in March, April, May, June and September. The final 2022 Training Day for Flushing Dogs was to have been on November 11, but had to be canceled due to severe weather.

More information about these Training Days is below. We hope to continue flushing training in 2023.

Please direct questions to the Event Chair, Steve Surprenant, via Surprenant@mdsportingdog.org.

The first Training Day of the season was March 18 and some photos, taken by Lori Taylor, are shown below. Click on any photo to enlarge it and move through the gallery.

The second Training Day of 2022 was April 29. More of Lori Taylor’s photos are shown below. Click on any photo to enlarge it and move through the gallery.

The typical day went from 8:30 am to 3:30 or 4 pm. Each Training Day allowed training at four levels (Newbie, Junior, Senior and Master). Exercises available included general advice, land quartering/ flushing/ retrieving, hunt dead, water retrieves and a water blind. Live birds (pigeons, chukar, or pheasant) were available for advance purchase. Each training day accommodated 16-18 dogs, usually divided into two groups, with a mix of dogs and handlers (Newbies, Junior, Senior and Master) in each group.

Training Days for Flushing Dogs in 2022 were held on Fridays. Friday was chosen so we would have less competition for property and birds with other club training days that occur on a weekend and to avoid creating conflicts with AKC Spaniel Hunt Tests that typically occur on weekends. In 2022, Training Days were held at Thornhill Farm in Woodbine, MD and at Mount Ararat Farm in Fort Deposit, MD.