Volunteers Needed for Spring Event (for 2/27-3/1)

MSDA currently does not charge members any dues or initiation fees so we depend heavily on volunteers to make our activities a success. This is particularly true of our “Spring Event” which includes two days of conformation, three days of obedience & rally, six bird instinct clinics and many other activities. Please help by signing up for at least one job. Note that there will always be one or more experienced volunteers to organize all these tasks and answer questions. MSDA members who volunteer will earn “Voting Member” status for the following calendar year. All volunteers who work at least four hours in a given day will get a delicious box lunch. (Stop laughing – these lunches are REALLY good.) And you don’t need to be a club member to volunteer – about one-fourth of MSDA’s volunteers in 2019 were not members. Below is a list of volunteer opportunities. At the end is a simple form you can submit to sign up. A very appreciative committee member will then contact you. THANK-YOU!!!

  • Set up:
    • Unload boxes of supplies, assemble “pipe and drape” hospitality space, and distribute decorations and supplies to judging rings.
    • Thursday February 27th, any time you are available between 3 and 6 pm.
  • Hospitality Area:
    • Maintain coffee & hot water, refill snack table, hand out lunch boxes, check to be sure judging rings have bottled water and other supplies, tidy up hospitality area.
    • Volunteers needed throughout the day on Fri, Sat, Sun but especially early morning and at lunchtime.
  • Catalog Sales:
    • Collect $15 cash or check and hand out show catalogs.
    • Volunteers needed throughout the day on Fri, Sat, Sun. (We’re busiest on Saturday.)
  • Club Trophy Table:
    • Trophy winners hand you a card and you provide them the matching trophy (typically something like an embroidered towel, dog toy, or “new title” ribbon) along with your hearty congratulations.
    • Volunteers needed throughout the day on Sat, Sun.
  • Instinct Clinic Staff:
    • Working from the running order we provide, call out the name of the next dog, check them off the list, and hand out a certificate when they’re done. No experience required. This job is outdoors.
    • Volunteers needed 9:30-10:30 am and 1:30-2:30 pm each day. (Fri, Sat, Sun)
  • Instinct Clinic “Interpreters”:
    • Mingle with the audience and offer commentary on what’s going on in the field. You should have some experience in field work with your own sporting dog(s), but you don’t need to be a professional trainer or judge to do this. This job is outdoors.
    • Volunteers needed 9:30-10:30 am and 1:30-2:30 pm each day. (Fri, Sat, Sun)
  • Field Activities Table:
    • Collect basic information and $20 cash or check for people signing up for Instinct Clinic. Hand out flyers about Field Day in May. It would be very helpful if you have attended a previous MSDA Field Day or Instinct Clinic (even the same or previous day).
    • Volunteers needed throughout the day Fri & Sat and until 1:15 pm on Sunday.
  • Obedience and Rally Stewarding:
    • Be a “post”; set up jumps; hold leashes. This is a great job – you get a close-up view of obedience and rally trials and will learn a lot from our very friendly judges and knowledgeable table stewards. No experience necessary.
    • A full-day commitment is preferred, but half-days are an option. Full-day volunteers may schedule a break to watch or handle their dog(s) in other rings. A total of ten FTE stewards are needed each day (Fri, Sat, Sun).
  • Pack up:
    • Gather decorations and supplies from judging rings, disassemble “pipe and drape” hospitality space, and pack up boxes of supplies.
    • Volunteers are needed Sunday March 1st, immediately following completion of all judging. 
    • Bonus: Any extra food and sodas usually get split up among those helping to pack up. 🙂          
  • Photography:
    • People LOVE pictures. We use them to inform, entertain, and promote. Whether you are an amateur using your smartphone or a semi-pro with $$$ in equipment, you can wander around the show unobtrusively snapping candids of the activities.
    • Photo credit will be included if we use the pictures on our website or in other materials.
    • P.S. Even if you don’t specifically sign up for this, your photos are always welcome. Send to webmaster@mdsportingdog.org.

(Use your “Call Name” because we may put it on a nametag!)

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