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These resource listings are provided by MSDA members who offer training, breeding, boarding, grooming, handling, and other services for sporting dogs. MSDA has not verified the information and does not specifically endorse any of these providers. If you are a member of MSDA and would like to list a resource, please use the form at the bottom of this page.

Super Duper Kennel: 5-star resort for dogs and cats, located on 45 acres in rolling Maryland countryside. Outdoor runs, suites, and long daily walks available. Optional obedience training during stay. Advance reservations required. Ruraltown, MD
John Jones, MSDA Member

Big Gun Training: Field dog training for all pointing breeds. Weekly classes, individual instruction, intensive training with boarding. Whether starting your puppy, teaching gun dog basics or advanced training for performance events, Big Gun Training is here for you and your dog. XYZtown, VA
(703) 555-2345
Jane Smith, MSDA Member

Rosebud Dogs: Premium field-bred English Springer Spaniels and English Cocker Spaniels. Puppies, introduced gundogs, started & finished gundogs. National champion bloodlines. Smalltown, NC
(828) 555-4567
Bill Rose, MSDA Member

Soggy Retrievers Dog Club: Training club for all retrieving breeds. Members enjoy weekly training sessions on club’s 100-acre property in northwestern Maryland. We also host spring and fall hunt tests and field trials. Countrytown, MD
(240) 555-9876
Al Mallard, MSDA Member

Mary’s Dog Grooming: Full service salon specializing in the grooming, maintenance, and beautification of your beloved dogs. Great staff that can take care of all your grooming needs.  All breeds are welcome. We also carry a selection of pet supplies and accessories. North Bigcity, MD
(419) 555-6789
Mary Contrary, MSDA Member

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