MSDA Members: Yahoo & Facebook Groups

MSDA has long had a Yahoo discussion group for members to share news and thoughts, and we’ve now added a Facebook group as another avenue for discussion. Both groups are “closed”, which means that postings are available only to members.

To join these groups, you must first have a Facebook and/or Yahoo account. Then,

  • Log in to your Facebook account and search for “Maryland Sporting Dog Association”. Click on “Join” or click through to the group’s page and choose “Join Group”.
  • Sign in to your Yahoo! account and choose Groups from the top menu (it may be under “More”). Search groups for “MD Sporting Dog Association”. Click on the group’s name in the search results and then choose “Join Group”.

For both groups, a moderator must approve your membership. If you’re having problems joining or have questions, please contact .

If you are not yet an MSDA member, but might be interested in joining, please read About Us .